Jason Blank

Co-Managing Partner

Photograph of Jason Blank

Jason Blank co-founded Brockton Capital in 2005 and has 22 years of experience.

He has had roles originating, underwriting, executing, and asset managing transactions, as both a team member and team leader, on executed investments with an aggregate asset value of £4.1 billion (c.USD$6.5 billion), in the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Indonesia.

He left Merrill Lynch’s Global Principal Investments group in 2005; he had worked there since 2001. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Jason was an investment professional concentrating on structured real estate debt and United States government debt at MFS Investment Management, in Boston. In addition, he has experience in residential investment and redevelopment in the United States and was employed as a property manager in Washington, D.C. for 2 years after his graduation from university.

Jason holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Jurisprudence from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a Master’s degree in Real Estate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.